Wednesday, 15 September 2010

No Parking, Sir!

The hottest news of the month - Wheel-clamp zone in USM!!

Starting 1st of September, wheel-clamp action will be taken for those vehicles which contravence the traffic rules in USM. The regulation is applied to all USM staff, students and visitors. (Quite fair right?)

The red-line areas are the clamping zones in USM. There are a few sign boards with words “clamping zone” putting up along the roadside.

Ops! No more wording on the sign boards now. I’m wondering why they remove it...

The wheel clamping thingy doesn’t look like this though.

It look like this! Red plate with Jabatan Keselamatan contact numbers 04-653 4333/4334 on it.
If your car is clamped *touch wood*, these are the steps that you need to do:

1. Pay the fine RM 20.00 at Jabatan Bendahari (office hour: 845am-430pm) or Jabatan Keselamatan (non office hour).

2. Call Jabatan Keselamatan to unclamp your vehicle.


I was in a meeting with some USM authorities months ago about the traffic and parking lot issue in USM. There are two student representatives in the meeting as well, they was sitting beside me (i think because i look like a student :D). The authorities suggested (to avoid misunderstanding: is suggested, not decided) student should park their vehicles at Car Park in front of Dewan Utama Pelajar and take USM shuttle bus or walk to lecture halls, so that there are enough parking lots for the staff.

Yes, it is good to have vehicle-free campus IF the shuttle bus system is efficient. IF the shuttle bus system is efficient, why not everyone in USM (not only students) enjoying the shuttle bus services and create a vehicle-free campus together as warga USM?

Some suggested to limit the number of vehicle's sticker application for students and student societies, for example: maximum 3 stickers for a student society.

Then how about staff?
Unlimited stickers can be applied, but we charge them at higher price.

Why not limit the number of sticker per staff?
Cannot la, they sure will bising-bising. Because sometimes they drive car A, sometimes car B.
Sometimes the spouse comes, sometimes the children come.

So how much do you think is the appropriate charges that able to discourage staff from applying more-than-they-need amount of stickers?
One sticker of staff is RM2, however, for the second and third stickers, we charge RM10! For the fourth sticker and so on, RM50!

Well, it was just a discussion. Don't worry too much as it is not implemented (yet?).

Back to the topic - wheel-clamping!
After the implementation, we can see no more illegal parking at the roadside now. So, where are the cars?

Gotcha!! Roadside along non-clamping zone.