Friday, 13 July 2007


Capri – the most famous Island in the World.

That’s what they claim. And I don’t doubt that. What’s it famous for? Fantastic scenery, beautiful blue sky, crystal clear waters, charming narrow alleys and lanes winding and hugging the hillside, lots of green yet intensely built-up, shopping, cafes - favoured by kings and celebrities … get the picture?

So, what does Nichalas Cage and Lee Lik Meng have in common in Capri? We both visited this tiny café called Scialapopolo! Had a piece of lovely home-made meat pie and a shot of expresso.

So, what do you do in Capri. Lots of people enjoying food and coffee and beer and ice cream and worshipping the sun. My casual observation is that the shops selling clothes and other expensive wear don’t seem to have much business … they looked too expensive for me so I stayed away. Lots of others stay in hotels on the Island. Hmmm, maybe I will come back for my 2nd Honeymoon. If you intend to go there on a day trip, try to get there earlier so that you can really explore the area. I didn’t even get to the garden because I was concerned I would be stuck at the furnicular station because of the huge crowd. Yeah, the cable-car looks something like the Penang Hil cable car (probably made by the same Swiss company). Be warned though, the sea can be very choppy and even the big boats bobs up and down a lot. The crew actually went around asking everyone if they are alright. Quite a few looked like they were going to throw up.

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nch said...

Hi! Lik Meng
Look like you are one a move again.
What are you doing over there in Capri? Lecture by invitation?
My friends told me there are a lot of pick-pockets in Itali, is it so in Capri?