Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Street of Harmony

This is where it all started. It seems that Francis Light founded Penang from here and the cenotaph is a tribute to him.

It is 5.55 pm and I am waiting for my flight to KL to attend the World Innovation Forum. Yes, am spending a lot of time away from home these days. But next week will be a whole just for us (me and my wife) and we are flying off to an exotic island for our honeymoon. I am not kidding! When I told my boss (the VC) yesterday, he gave me a strange look.

This morning I joined some of the participants from the RCE Conference for their heritage walk in George Town along the Street of Harmony. Here you will find temples and mosques from various religions including Islam, Christainity, Buddhism, Hinduism and what the flyer says is the "Chinese religion, which combines Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism". I have walked those streets many times, especially with other foreigner visitiors and the three batches of Australian students. I went because I especially wanted to hear what Dato Anwar Fazal had to say. We were joined by Khoos Salma who is a prolific writer on heritage and history of Penang.

And I wasn't disappointed. These are some pictures from the walk.

The minaret at the Kapitan Kling mosque. This one of my favourite places to take photos. (look at the sky)

The Kapitan Corner Nasi Kandar. A Hot favourite but a little pricely.
Harold ordered a large prawn, a piece of beef and 2 ladies finger (orca) and it cost RM8.30.

Nami and Harold enjoying nasi kandar.

The beautifully restored Teo Chew Temple which won a UNESCO prize.
Hey, did I tell you I am Teo Chew too? It seems Teo Chew people are very low profile.

Now to support local businesses. This one of our (wife and I) favourite restaurants.
Serves authentic Hokkein dishes. Famous for its 3 cup Chicken, steam tofu, oyster omellete, fried tapioca flour noodles and much more.

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