Monday, 11 August 2008

Kanga dinner

Sunday 10th Aug, 10.46 pm (Starwars on public TV, everything else is about Beijing 2008)

Wanted to go cycling along the linear park but weather again refused to listen to me. It was wet, bright sunshine, wet again, then just gloomy, then sunny and then showers … and cold whole day. Saw on the news just now that Melbourne had snow today. Lucky fellas.

So, I decided to go to Port Adelaide either by bus or train. I kept walking further and further until I decided to go into the train station and take the train. When I got to the gate, I saw on the screen the train was scheduled to leave at 10.15 am. It was 10.14 am. I asked the guys manning the gates whether I could make it to the train. First he said yes, then he looked at the train and said it was already pulling out. So, back up to the street for the bus. Another guy also missed the train so we both waited for the bus. After more than 20 minutes, the other started queuing to get on a bus but according the signboard it wasn’t the bus to take. So I asked him and he said yes and so I happily got on board (it was cold and rain was blowing into the bus shelter). After some time, that other guy got off and went, oh oh, are we there already? And then the bus stopped at a bus interchange (West Lake shopping centre) and everybody got out. Oh oh again, this doesn’t look like an old Port. So I went up to the driver and talked to him, showed him the map and told him where I was headed. He said, “well, I am not going to Port Adelaide” … oops, I went in my head. But he said the bus will get very close to the Port and I could walk from there. So, I said OK and we set off. (Note, the driver patiently talked to me before driving off again). When we got to the spot which I was supposed to get off, the driver asked whether I was in a hurry. I said, “no”. Well, then, he said he was going all the way up to Largs Bay and then he will make a U-turn and change the bus route number and will be driving through Port Adelaide on his trip back to the city. I said OK, let’s see the sights. And I chatted with him for a while. From the shopping centre until we U-turned and headed for Port Adelaide I was the only passenger

This was an issue which we talked about yesterday evening. Adelaide Metro is doing a great job encouraging people to travel by public transport and many are switching. But there certain times when certain routes have practically no passenger. On the other hand, during peak hours like 5 pm, some people had to wait 30 minutes and 5 trams before they could get on.

Port Adelaide – emmh, seems very quiet, very few people around. But I love the Fisherman’s Wharf which has been turned into a Sunday market for small businesses to sell all sorts of used or old stuff (collectibles). Say, don’t throw those old dresses or biscuit tins. Could get you a fortune one day. The Maritime Museum was also fun (but very Anglo-oriented; seems like nobody else except the Europeans came by boat). I enjoyed sitting the passenger compartment of the boats and listening the audio of readings of the journals of passengers from more than 150 years ago. Hey, who knows, 150 years from now some people will be googling to read my impressions of Adelaide.

After Port Adelaide, I took another bus back and was given the scenic route. You can buy a multi-trip ticket at $27.80 for ten trips. When you boarding, the machine stamps a time on it and you can use that for 2 hours.

Wanted to go to the Central Market to buy some gourment kangaroo meat to cook for dinner. Forgot that is close on Sunday. So ended up in a supermarket and bought some kanga sausage instead. How was it? Not bad, but not very special. Maybe I will try the kanga steak one day. But hey, eating kanga meat is good for the environment. That’s what is says on the packaging. Kangaroos don’t produce so much methane gas compared to cows and its hooves don’t disturb so much of the top soil. And it is also 98% fat free!

Look what I managed to pack into the bag. Actually, the cashier did the packing. But look at the amount of individual packaging as well. All that for AUD40.10. $1.39 for the purple bag.

At the Fisherman's Wharf in Port Adelaide. Don't throw those old stuff away, you could make a fortune in future.

That's my gourment Kanga sausage, cooked at my service apartment last night

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11 Aug 2008 , 2.44 pm

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