Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Don't throw away your future

One week ago I went to the Dell factory in Bukit Minyak to give their staff a talk. Their Environmental Health and Safety unit had contacted me earlier about collaborating with them to help reduce the use of plastic bags. The factories in Penang with the help of the Department of Environment has been carrying out campaigns to "Say No to Plastic Bags".

When they asked for a title for my talk, I thought I should be creative so suggested "Don't throw away your future - Stop using disposable containers". So this is going to another of my trademark thingy.

Dell's staff listening to my one-hour presentation.

I love this gift set they gave me after the talk. Not sure if I can carry it into the plane. Will try it when I fly to Ahmedabad this weekend. Flying again? Yah, what to do. We have so be 'international'.
Notice anything else about the gift set?

After the talk I walked to their canteen for lunch. They have stopped using polystyrene containers. I sort of instigated them to ban straws as well. Everyone bus their used plates and cups to a conveyor belt where a box is placed to collect the tabs from aluminium cans and a plastic bag for the cans itself. I peeked into their thrash can (seriously I did) and saw a polystyrene container. Yes, people still do sneak them in when no one is watching.

That place is very security conscious, to prevent pilferage of parts and also theft of computer notebooks. Each of the staff's notebooks have a hologram sticker with a matching sticker on the staff's badge (name tag). To bring out any notebook, the stickers must match. Its not really for data security. I speculated to the Dell staff that very soon each notebook will have an embedded RFID chip for inventory control (USM uses barcodes now) as well as to speed up assembly. The downside? Job loss.

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