Friday, 6 March 2009

It's so Beauuuu-T-Full

I decided to take a short break to walk to the post-office from my HBP office and wow was it worth the break. This a creeper with yellow flower which looks very much like alamanda flower. When it blooms, it is luxurious. But it lasts only for 2 days or so. So, if you want to be amazed, its right in front of the Experimental Theatre (Panggung Sasaran). Of course next to it are the Schools of Education and Management.

Oops, emmh, definitely not in the same category. It's one of USM's Heritage building being rennovated beyond recognition.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I googled for a creeper with yellow flower and I came upon your site. I was so surprised to see your photos which are exactly like the ones I took this morning. Even the closed up one in micro mode. Met Profesor Madya Mhamed Talhah who was sitting on the grass with his big DSLR. He told me that this is the only site with such a big bloom but I think this is the only one in Malaysia and I think the press should be informed to highlight such a beauty. It is like the Wisteria flower in Ashikaga Flower Park Tochigi, Japan.

nnb said...

Waa. So beutifuuul. Nice Capture. How can i miss this one.

Abe said...

beautiful!! leave the heritage building alone please, usm..
btw..asked about the lenses. forgotten to inform u..


Cynthia Yong said...

i had one post in my blog too! it is truly beautiful..\