Friday, 29 May 2009


When I got back from my meeting in the morning, a staff brought me a plastic container and said Michael brought it for me. Which Michael? Michael Peter Foo. I opened it up and looked inside. What is it? Looks like pancakes. But its got a reused metal container with some vegetables in it. And a metal spoon. And a note which said "how to eat it? You figure it out". It's Michael, alright.

As I was driving home to share with my daughter it struck me that it was crepes!! I remember a few years back when I visited my niece in Warwick and she and her chum (Stella, I think) cooked up a feast of various types of crepes at their hostel kitchenette. Specially for me! A few years later the subject of about her making crepes came up and she reminded me that I didn't like her crepes. Huh? Did I say I didn't like it? No. But I didn't say I liked it either!

So I rolled up the vegetables in the crepes skin. There was one extra skin which I spread peanut butter on. And then I nuked it (microwave, lah). My daughter tasted half a roll with the vegetables but found it too strong (the koo chai and dried prawns). Then she tried the one with the soft dripping peanut butter in it. Ehhhmmm, very good. So I emptied a few more halves and made some more with peanut butter for her.

Thanks Michael. Wonder who made them. Girl friend? Mom? Himself?


Michael Peter Foo said...

What gives you the impression that I can't cook? Alright, it was made by me. Simple way to have a meal that is fulfilling. Don't blame me for the saltiness, no salt is added, blame the prawns...

Hidayah Miftahul Nur Husna said...

wowo..all about food..hehe