Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Vegetable farming at swimming pool

I was tipped off by some volunteers of a Pak Cik who works at the swimming pool setting up a small vegetable farm so I asked for some photos. Wah, the leaves looks really healthy. I will visit it one day. I wonder if he is fully organic?

One of the things the Saujana students wanted to work on was a hydrophonic vegetable garden but I cautioned them about the concentrated chemicals used (hah, they said I "objected" to the idea). Actually, I wanted them to explore organic farming but they said they have constrain of space and if I remember correctly, poor quality soil.

Ah, but look what this Pak Cik managed to do. I am told they sometimes pluck the vegetables and ask the guys at Red House to cook a feast for them or give it to friends.

But did you notice something? The WHITE containers? Polystyrene of course. Won't it be nice if they used more natural type containers, like big earthen pots? I would gladly support that idea.

So, girls? And Pak Cik, macam mana?

postscript : After posting the above, I remembered having given quite a bit of money for an agro project at the Language School so I walked over to take a look. I wasn't too impressed with the progress. Lessons learnt : you don't need to spend a lot of money to do farming; and you need the right people to take care of it.

The photo below was from an earlier encounter. One of the things about the traffic law in campus is that the Security Office can only issue summons for student offenders. Staff can blatantly break the traffic rules without fear of penalty.

Hey, no one is using it, so might as well use it.

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