Sunday, 9 August 2009

Green ur Lung

Usually, when we say "green lung" we refer to the parks or forests in a city - they help the city folks to breathe by giving them fresh air and at the same time cleaning up the foul air that humans, cars and factories breathe out.

A group of pharmacy students got creative when instigated to do something about the foul air given out by smokers (cigarette smokers, that is). Universities are one of those places gazetted by law as "no smoking" zone. Yes, the whole campus. But guess what, even the people who are licensed by that same law to enforce no smoking are themselves smokers. Yah, like asking the burglar to watch your house while you sleep (but burglar has left USM). You can also see the Pak Guard blatantly smoking away while on duty, in front of everybody to see. Visitors to the campus are also notorious for breaking the no-smoking law on campus, and we know where they do it. Contractors' crew are another big culprit. Of course USM staff and students do it without a care in the world.

So what are the Green Lung activists going to do? Education and awareness first. Then they are going around campus to detect for foul air - toilets, under the stairs, meeting rooms, offices, canteens. And then they will publish the hotspots where people smoke. Yes, we are going to be watching.

Enforcement, you ask? Hhhm, I personally don't want students to do the enforcement work. The VC says, let's shame them first. I kinda agree, but I would not want to use the word "shame". Let's make them feel guilty. How about that? Not just the smokers but the people who are supposed to upholding the law.

And much more.

Instead of gory pictures like those on the cigarette packages, these students are more creative in their campaign poster. U get the picture? (p.s. sorry the background is supposed to be solid black but came out smoky when uploaded to the blog)
When they asked for t-shirts I initially said no. But they convinced me that it is a crucial tool in their campaign. Volunteers will wear this t-shirt for a specific day every week to get people's attention. Do you want to be a volunteer? Contact : Don't forget to visit them at their inaugural exhibition at the USM Convex next week (their booth is near the Sg Dua Gate at the Eureka Building carpark). I am told they have recruited 100 volunteers. First target 500!

BTW, the name "green lung" for this campaign is completely original. 100% authentic USM product. Will this be the next "White Coffin"?


SiouWoon Ong said...

cool idea... talking abt smokers, can we really make USM a smoke free compound? seems difficult. it so happen that, even staffs, lecturers, pak guards, STUDENTS are smoking IN USM. who are suppose to "remind" them that USM is actually not a place for them to smoke? timid ppl like me dare to talk to my fellow course mates or maybe those pak guards when i see them holding the cigarette. but when the person is my lecturer, i couldn't do anything... i dont have the "courage"... sigh

Abe said... wave of activism!

Ismail bin Omar said...

Why are you guys against smokers? There is more to cancer than just smoking.And don't tell me the air would be polluted and the whole world would choke to death on account of a few sticks of cigarettes.But,it is a great idea,so you go ahead and 'green ur lung',close all factories,don't drive cars and don't drink beers.