Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Climate Change Busters

Volunteer activists with in USM are organising a cycling event on 24th October 2009 (Saturday), 10.00 am at USM to raise awareness of climate change. All are welcomed.

The cycling route:
Kayak House / Mosque --> Batu Uban Gate --> Jalan Pekak --> Jalan Sg. Dua --> Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah --> Changkat Minden 1 --> Changkat Minden 7 --> USM Minden Side Gate --> USM Field (take pictures) --> kayak house.

       Please bring a small towel, enough water to quench your thirst and a good mood. Feel free to bring along your friends and family. Contact for more information or if you need to borrow a bicycle.



Abe said...

thanks Dr,
this will certainly be fun..


Michael Peter Foo said...

There is an error, we are going out from the stadium a.k.a. Bkt Gambier gate before turning into the Jalan Pekaka. Can't wait for the day to come, hope it won't be a heavy-downpour that day..... :)

Adrian said...

Michael, Just want to check with you, is there any security or planning for the turning out into jalan sultan ahmad shah? Is very dangerous for bicycles there.

Ya, is going to be fun! hehe!

Michael Peter Foo said...

I had submitted the application, now pending reply from them. And will follow-up with them today. 30 bicycles will be provided (lend) to the participants for the events. Can't wait for the big day!