Friday, 19 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year - and stop the waste

The reporter from Guang Ming Daily was very persistent. The first request, I said, "sorry, very busy, I'll get back to you". After about 1 month or so, she emailed again. I said "sorry, am on my way to Bucharest". That was early Dec 2009. I thought that was the end of it. End of the year, she emailed again, reminding me of my promise. So how many times can you "Say NO"? So, I said "OK come over for a chat - no interview". She said OK, just chat. Guess what? She came with a photographer.

And finally, the article is out today. I have no idea what the article says. My daughter and wife read and translated parts to me. Essentially, stop generating the waste. It seems that Penangites generate an additional 70 tonnes of rubbish during the CNY period. Not sure if that is per day. But the key point is ADDITIONAL rubbish.

So, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. When you go to the big party at the heritage enclave in George Town tomorrow, remember : avoid the disposal containers. Insist on your right as a consumer.

Watch for the next issue of Sustainability : The journal of record (February 2010 issue) : what would you like to see?.

BTW, I am told that my secret blog is too secret - nobody seems able to find it. So here it is - still in gestation.

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