Wednesday, 5 January 2011


That's the main theme of USM VC's annual address to the campus community this morning ... about one and half hours of it. The first hour was mainly a recap of what has happened the previous year.

The university is not a business. It is not a factory.

We need to return the university back to it's roots. To become once again a "community of scholars" with ultruistic ideals. Knowledge for the benefit of mankind ... for humanity.

The university has been hijacked by the corporate mindset. Where education is to get a good job, paying top dollar, so that all your materialistics needs and wants can be satisfied.

In the next few weeks and perhaps even months, I will reflect and engage in a dialogue, mostly with myself, but also with collaborators, on what Kampus Sejahtera should now mean.

I am supposed to work under the umbrella of the Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS). What would be my role?

This could take a while. I took more than half a year sitting and reading and pondering when I first started in this office. Time to think again.


dzul said...

Dear Lik Meng, thanks for being in the crowded hall - not quite sustainable, I thought.

Pls see my column tomorrow about the same to aid your reflection hopefully.

Rgds, Dzul

Lik Meng said...

Found the article online

Will comment and reflect on it.