Monday, 21 February 2011

Manicure for trees

While coming out of the Wellness Centre this morning, I saw this crew giving the tree some TLC ... tender loving care.

It was not so long ago that when they prune trees, they will mutilate it by cutting way too much. I spent more than 5 minutes observing them. They look for branches which seems rotten or dried, and use a chain saw to trim them. Sometimes they use their hands to pull at the branches to see if it comes off easily (an easy way to test whether the branches are dead).

It is a slow and deliberate process. And it cost a lot of money to prune just one tree.

Nice job, Jabatan Pembangunan.

1 comment:

ririn said...

i saw them too.. from far.. nice work.. i think trees here needs to be 're-plant'. many are gets dry and die..

i hope usm will still can be called universiti of garden in 10 years soon.. insyaAllah..