Friday, 4 March 2011

HBP must have got somethings right ...

Did you read this news item "Women Rule Councils in Penang?" Kinda insulting, right? Perhaps a little condescending?

Ah, but nevermind about that. What this post is about is that the heads of the two local authorities are graduates of the School of HBP, USM. Well, each of them got at least one degree from USM.

 On the right is Patahiyah, the current President (Mayor) of the Municipal Council of Penang Island. She got her first degree from HBP and then went overseas to get her professional architecture degree (HBP didn't offer this during her time - yes, long ago). This photo was taken during a break at the judging of the Rifle Range Design Ideas Competition in Oct 2010.

And the two gentlemen in the picture? Both are directors in MPPP. Both are also graduates of HBP, of course. One is a town planner (Roslan), the other an architect (Yew).

In the centre, standing is Maimunah, the soon-to-be President of the Municipal Council of Seberang Perai. She did her first degree abroad but the JPA said that the degree didn't qualify her to be a town planner so she crashed through the Masters in Planning course at HBP (with baby in tow) mid-way through her career in 1995.
Sitting, facing the camera is Alex Koenig, a German who thinks he's entitled to considered a Penangite by virtue of his frequent flier miles. He used to be a lecturer at HBP ... and if not mistaken, was also a student.

But the more interesting figures are the two gentlemen with back of heads to camera in the front. Both State Assemblymen. On the left is the EXCO member for local government. On the right is reputedly the strategist for the party in power. Both watching .... evaluating ... sizing up ... who should the next President? Picture taken 4th Mac 2010 at SERI.

So, HBP must have found a secret formula for "women to rule" the World? What made these two ladies stand  out and made the State Government take notice? Is it their people's skills (soft skills, lor)?

Or was it their technocrat background?

Was it a long career with proven track record of achievements? And initiatives?

Do they have politicals skills, to be able to bend with the winds (of change)?

Or did they impress the new masters with their professional integrity?

Did we teach them all those in the university? Or did they learn it on the job?

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