Friday, 8 April 2011


This was captured yesterday afternoon at Pusat Sejahtera, our Wellness Centre. One hour of very intensive exercise including some serious pilates stretching. The guru, Dr George Teoh, an academic, yes, lecturer, said that session burnt 200 calories. I think burning calories is over-rated. Haha, sorry, just being funny. But I think for me it was the stretching which old people like me have to take care of. Yesterday on my walk near the beach, I saw a lady do an incredible stunt. She was walking and imagine this. Now if you put your palms together and put it where your heart is, like you are praying. Got it? Now, imagine walking behind this lady. And you see the palms in prayer - behind her back. In the middle on the back! I was absolutely impressed.

George says a 30-minute brisk walk will take off 150 calories or so.

So, "burning" is not my problem these days. Over the last weeks, I have been doing walks in the mornings before going to campus, almost every day. Sometimes I do a slow soft jog for 30 or 40 minutes. Yesterday I stood on the scale next to my bed. Guess what? I lost about 2 kilos in the last weeks.

Hhhm, I am thinking tonight would be fried fish, fried belacan chicken, vegetables of course, and soup! And brown rice. I know, I know, fried food is not very healthy but I deserve a little treat for all the hard work, right?

Stay active guys. Stay healthy.

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