Wednesday, 18 April 2007

My picturesque windows

I have two windows looking out at lots of greenery. I keep the shades drawn (open) all the time. This window looks towards the east and as the suns goes down in the afternoon, rays of sunlight shines through casting shades, shadows and bright light on my carpet. I don't swith on my room flourescent light unless it is dark - one visitor asked "your lights not fixed yet, ah?".

The other window is smaller but looks up at a beautiful canopy created by an Angsana tree and a Neem tree. The light and shadow show always have me mesmerised.

I try to keep the windows open (and the air-con off) for at least the morning but the problem is the other air compresses from this building and adjoining buildings pushes a lot of hot air across my windows. On a good day however, I get refreshing cool fresh air from the outside.

I am planning on getting a thermometer to monitor my room temperature and see when it becomes too uncomfortable not to have the air-con on.

One of the things I want to do is cool down the campus - so that more people can (and will) walk; that will hopefully reduce vehicular movement (reduce fumes and reduce heat emission from engines); and of course, if we can cut the operating hours of air-conditioning that will snowball into cooler inside temperatures. How do I propose to do that? We will start with doable and inexpensive work first - plant more shade trees along strategic routes. Got some ideas? Let me know.

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