Monday, 25 February 2008

Lights Out! aka EarthHour 2008

USM will be taking part in this global event to bring the issue of Global Warming to the hearts of the masses. Yes, we have all heard endless sound bites about global warming, the temperature will go up maybe 2 degrees and the sea level with rise 0.5 metres flooding the whole of Bangladesh, Maldives and lots of coastal areas around the World.

So, what can you do about it? WWF initiated Earth Hour in Sydney in 2007. More than 2 million people and 2,100 businesses took part. What did they do? Simple. Switch off the lights for one hour.

This year, it is going global. Cities around the World are invited to participate on 29 March 2008 at 8.00 pm local time. The idea is to create a cascading effect of lights going off around the World.

USM will be supporting Earth Hour at all the hostels in all three campuses. But we will do it at 9.00 pm instead. So, mark your calendar 29 March 2008, Saturday 9.00 pm. Switch off your lights for one hour.

For more info on EarthHour go to

p.s. we have succeeded in getting the Health and Engineering Campuses to stop using polystyrene containers as of 15th Feb 2008

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