Saturday, 1 March 2008


I was in Kubang Kerian recently with a bus load of students to take The White Coffin campaign to the Health Campus. As I was walking around the two Desasiswa (residential halls) I noticed that there were many bicycles parked under the trees, under the bicycle shades, under building, well everywhere ... but mostly parked! Most of the students seems to just walk to their lectures instead of cycling there. I wonder why? I speculated that it may be because there may be no proper bicycle parking near the lecture halls, on the routes and roads are not bicycle-friendly, or may its because their attire is not suitable for cycling (labs coats and all).

Then this morning I was checking out Barcelona and Amsterdam and found some interesting stuff on bicycling. Amsterdam claims it is the Bicycle Capital of the World (actually of Europe) and I don't doubt that. It seems you need a licence to drive ... ooops, to cycle. And something like 40 or 50% of the travel is by bicycle. Watch this clip :

Then I saw this clip about a bicycle lift in Norway :

Looks like the perfect technology for the USM Main Campus in Penang - everyone complains that the campus is too steep to cycle.

Oh, Barcelona? The city has set up some 100 bicycle stations and once you have a card you can take any bicycle from any station, ride it wherever you want and return it to the nearest station. There is also a green ring around the city with bike paths.

Why the interest in bicycles? Or Barcelona and Amsterdam? Hhmmm ... watch this space for updates.

If you want to read more go 11-most-bike-friendly-cities


Abe Woo said...

hye dr...
it used to be my priority in KAS to promote cycling in campus b4 all this projects come in...
maybe someday we might tackle this issue...
i like the station idea...we'll see wat we can do...will keep tat in mind..

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of cycling around our campus.Maybe should promote more to our staff. Most of our staff are staying nearby our campus. And most of them use motorcycle and car..maybe can have iniative to get a supplier to give discount for USM staff and students when they want to buy a bicyle. Looking forward for cycling as phenomena in USM campus...

Library Staff

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr.,

The idea of cycling bicycles around the campus will be a creative and good one, since our students lack of exercise, and that I feel the campus air is rather congested especially with the Komuters. In fact, we can help save everyone's pocket: bus fees! Less excuses for being late for lectures too!
You and your team made good effort in the recent White coffin campaign, Bravo Dr.!You have our support :)