Thursday, 29 May 2008

Heart & S(e)oul

Now in the heart of Seoul. Arrived from Chun Cheong by express bus - took about 1 and half hours, cost less than 9,000 Won. Bus ride a little nauseous but smooth. We were told that the bus station which we would arrive in would be only three stations from the hotel if we take the subway and maybe 1 hour by taxi. Well we ended up at a bus station about 11 or 12 stops away by the metro subway with one change of line.

Figuring out where the substation is also a small challenge. No signs and most don't speak English. The trick to is to ask young people - they are more like to be English-speaking. They are helpful, even if we have to point here and there and keep repeating the name of the destination.
And yes, so far, Seoul is the Soul of Asia (let's give them that). We observe people giving up their seats to senior citizens very promptly on the trains. The trains are spanking clean. And yes, the signs have English and the announcement of stops have English. And most wonderful for commuters is you don't have to get out of the stations to connect to another line. Every train line is integrated (I think there are some 10 separate lines colour coded for easy identification).

The hotel in Seoul looks great. Rooms look ultra modern and my wife got it "cheap" off the Internet. Well not cheap but on special offer at USD190 for two nights. Of course, what is Seoul without free WIFI.
Now, to see if we can find more souls in Seoul.

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