Saturday, 31 May 2008

One for the Road

At Incheon International Airport, breakfast before boarding the plane.
Simple noodles, but I think it lacks the "soul" factor.
Regardless, at least we did not have to eat the lousy breakfast on the plane.

1.30 pm, Saturday, 31st May 2008, one week after we started on this adventure (eh, make that second honeymoon). On transit at Hong Kong Airport to connect to Bangkok, where we have about 4 hours to kill, and then finally to home sweet home. Vivian has been having fun cooking for the brother and sister (even making chicken pie) but is glad mom and dad are coming home to take over the cooking. Ah, it was great not having to cook and clean the house for one week. Tomorrow, I got to go clear up some more stuff from the "old house".

A piece of advice. Next time you book a flight, find a route with not too many stops. And find one which does not make you go up one floor and go through all that security screening. It was a last minute booking otherwise we would have gone straight from KL to Seoul. Also having so many stops means you have so many more meals. Everytime your get on the plane for the next sector, you get a meal. Too much food means too much waste, which means more global warming. Oh, but I notice the stewardesses collecting the plastic cups back separately - I wonder if they send them for recycling.

Last thoughts on Seoul? Wife says Seoul is OK. Food was great except for the BBQ 2. Taxi drivers also great, except for the one idiot who sent us to the wrong Gate (West Gate instead of East Gate). Hotel was also great, and staff generally helpful, including driving us the short distance to the Airport Bus Limousine this morning. Incheon Airport looks OK, except no free WIFI and that is absolutely disappointing since Korea boasts very high rate of Internet broadband penetration of 1 Gigabits.

Will we go back again? Hmmm, ask me that again. Probably yes, if only we get noodles everyday.

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