Friday, 18 July 2008

The Beautiful Walk

Finally, I managed to attend a Qiqong lesson conducted by a Master. And he is no other than Dr. Amir Farid who's article in a local Sunday Tabloid I have been reading for sometime.

The short clip you see is the anti-cancer walk and it really is a beautiful walk. There are variations of this walk to recharge your cells for various parts of the body. Qiqong is about recharging your cells to heal yourself.

We learnt from the simpliest sitting exercise to the more complex including stretching and twisting the spine to make it more supple. Ah, we even did the exercise to charge up your virility (sexual prowess, lah). Still haven't got the hang of it yet. Come back here if you really want to know if I managed to master the hip swing.

This is my first lesson and I probably forgot three quarters of what was taught this morning. Practice, practice, practice. That's how we will get it right. Thank you to the Alumni Office from bringing the expert. Coincidentally, my students wanted to work on their own so I could escape studio to attend this session.

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