Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Cycling towards sustainability

Did you know that cycling is even more efficient use of energy than walking? I heard that once at a seminar. Yeah, well yes, cycling is good for the environment and good for your health. And lots of people have been bugging me to do something to encourage cycling on the Main Campus. We bought two bicycles at Kampus Sejahtera and I tried cycling around. I can tell you from personal experience that cycling around on the hilly terrain in campus is very, very tough. I figured out that it would not be easy to encourage cycling for getting around for meetings or lectures - you will be sweating profusely by the time you get to your destination if the route is uphill.

So we adopted a different approach for the Main Campus. We will increase the presence and visibility of bicycles on campus. Get people to pick up cycling for leisure and exercise. We already had 20 bicycles donated by the then Deputy Minister of Health. So, I offered the Sports Units another 30 bicycles, courtesy of Kampus Sejahtera. They finally took the offer and today various Heads of Department and Hostel Wardens took to the streets with the Deputy Vice-chancellor (Student Affairs) leading the pack and the new students in tow (oh, they were walking and cheering, well shouting, all the way). The route was not very challenging, really more symbolic to get students' attention that there are now 50 bicycles they can borrow for free. Just go to Tasik Harapan in the evenings.

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aditya said...

I recently read a post on New York shutting down its power system for an hour as an initiative against global warming. Some people criticized it saying, “What effect could that have on the planet, it certainly doesn’t feel cooler”. But I think these are symbolic events that create awareness among the general public and that is how it goes a long way. We at Mahindra recently had a similar event under on of our programmes ‘Mahindra hariyalli’, which was basically a seed planting campaign. I would like to get your views on it on our corporate blog (