Saturday, 25 October 2008

Don't know, Don't care

I had a meeting with senior manager of the University a few days ago and learnt a new terminology. You could even call it a philosophy for management. "Don't know, Don't care". Ironically, the philosophy, if you will, though crude and shocking, is meant to facilitate decision-making. Just get it done! Don't bother me with all the procedures and red tape. Bent the rules, ignore it? Get it done now.

Of course, if you see the pictures from the Kampar Landfill, that phrase seems to be how the general population thinks about thrash. Especially all that plastic thrash we generate everyday. I sent a group of students on a field trip and they came back with these photos (courtesy of Desmond). To be fair, Kampar (or more accurately, the Kinta Selatan Municipal Council) has the second highest rate for recycling (at 7%) in the whole country. Penang Island leads with 15%. Small local authorities don't have the funds and are out of the public eye, and so that don't get the funds. Recycling is NOT the answer. Cutting down on those useless stuff that you take or buy. That's the solution.

We should offer free trips to the ordinary folks, say to Genting or maybe Tangkak (shopping lah) and then on the way make a quick stop at land fills. I think it would be money well-spent. Mountains of thrash with plastic bags everywhere. And in the background green rolling hills.

Remember that plastic bag you took when you went shopping some time ago? Yah, look closely in the photo. See it?

Yakky, isn't it? So what are going to do about it?

Me? I am organising a Plastic(s) Forum @ USM on 1st November 2008 (9 am - 2 pm) with the cooperation of Tupperware Brands Malaysia. Two of their experts and a USM professor will answer questions on safety and sustainability of plastics. Interested? Drop me a line (

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