Saturday, 11 October 2008

Things are made not to last

Sorry guys. I was going to put up some pictures of home-made noodles but the SD card in our brand new camera went kaput. So, here's the story below.

Dear Mr Lim
Managing Director, SenHeng

We bought a Panasonic Lumix from one of your shops (at Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya) on 1 Sept 2008 (receipt no Q25*ORN06362). We were offered an upgrade of the SD card to 4 GB for RM2.00 only (Kingston brand). I thought it was too good to be true and asked what was the brand of the original SD and was told that it is also Kingston.

Today (11 Oct 2008), after taking some photos, I took out the card and inserted it into my card-reader. The computer could not detect the card. I thought the card-reader could be spoiled but it could read my other cards. So, I inserted the Kingston 4 GB back into the camera and used the cable to connect the camera directly to the computer. When I switched on the camera, an error message appeared saying that there was a problem with the card.

I took back the card to your shop at Sunway. And after testing by your staff could not get the card to be read. I also spoke to your shop manager.

He told me that there is no warranty on the SD card. And refused to offer a replacement.

I would like to know :
  1. What is the brand of the original SD card which comes with the Lumix camera, if any.
  2. Why does your company sell products which do not last, and provide no replacement even after less than one and half months of usage.
You manager insinuated that we might have dropped the card into water. I am happy to provide you with the defective card if your company would like to carry out any extensive forensic tests to verify the integrity of your customer. Whatever it is, a product that cannot even last one and half months is very poor quality.

I look forward to your response though I have wasted enough petrol and time not to mention generated more greenhouse gases just going to your shop to be dissappointed.

Lee Lik Meng
Butterworth, Penang

p.s. please cancel my membership in your company and please ask your chaps to stop sending me those enticing offers through SMS.

The above email was copied to the people at Panasonic, Kingston and Ministry of Domestic Affairs. Let's see what they have to say.

Update as 18th October :
  • Kingston generated and auto reply saying they would response to me the next working day (monday), but never did.
  • The GM of SenQ responsed first thing on Monday asking his staff to attend to me (good show GM)
  • The staff responded that the Manager at Sunway Carnival will replace my SD card. I think he has been trying to calling me but I have been "too busy".
  • Nobody else has responded.


Anonymous said...

this is hilarious!

those bugger are profitting from your original stuff ...exchanged your rightful stuff with a 'lousy' item..sad...


Anonymous said...

So that is Malaysain servise after sell- omid- UPM

Pegawai Khalwat said...


You can try to go and check at Sg. Tiram Panasonic Service Center for yourself if you want to.

But of course they will charge you just for dropping your camera there.