Thursday, 31 December 2009

And now the end is near ...

Yes, 2009 is coming to a close. Only less than eight hours to 2010.

Despite making a nuisance of myself and behaving idiotically, I still have the "job" - for three more years.

I have made this blog almost too personal, even though it is linked to my job. But I am sure you must have wondered many a times - WHY? If you still don't get it, I am actually happy. If you do get it, even if only once in a while, I am delighted. If you are now wondering what the hell (pardon the exuberance) I am going on about, that makes me grin.

I have considered divorcing my personal ramblings from the official "reports" and "comments" so that I can get really really really personal. So, if you miss all the idiosyncracies of my journeys around the world or my noodles and porridge and fondue ... and stuff ... it will most probably be hiding somewhere in the cyberworld.

I will not badger all the miscreants who violate the "no polystyrene" ruling on campus. I won't bother those who continue to pollute and use disposal bottles and containers; and print useless reports of abstracts and proceedings. Not on this forum. Someone else has that job now.

I will redirect my energy elsewhere. I will "conquer" new frontiers ... so to speak. Are you with me?

Those are my resolutions for 2010.


nch said...

Your blog is like a diary, personal as we once used to have but keeping in a room drawer or shelf. However, a blog page like this is equally 'personal' but easily accessible by others, therefore not so private.

From its title, this blog looks more for public than personal. I would take it as for public's interest... and a platform where your points can be read.

All in all, this is a nice site that I have been enjoying reading. I can keep up with me and to know the countries that you are visiting....!

nch said...


Would look forward to see how many pages this year than last.

Abe said...

Game on Dr!
With you to infinity and beyond (quoted from BuzzLightyear of Toy Story)


lee said...

HELLO!!Chun Liang here XD
ahhh.....whats ur new objectives now?

Matthew said...

Lik Meng, your blog is wonderful. Do you remember the time I described your presentations as a pirate themed roller-coaster??? Excitment, terror, laughter, joy, learning and above all a desire to ride the roller-coaster again... and again. Keep writing... always