Monday, 7 December 2009

Last flight of the year

Changi, Terminal 3, 12.55 pm. Changi seems like home already. Free WiFi. Place to sit and charge the notebook.

Got a text message wishing me good journey ...  and hoping to see me in one of the offices which I am "passionate about", when I return. I have getting concerned queries about my "future" lately. Yah, I made it explicitly known that some else should be brought in to bring some new energy and ideas. 700 lecturers in USM, and no one to take over? Best man for the job? .... Well, thank you for your concerns and vote of confidence.

While preparing for the Sinaia futures workshop, I went to some sites to test what kind of person I am. Left brain or right brain? Creativity or dock? So here's the results. But don't believe tooooo much. You can fool the testers.

I am more right-brained than left.

On creativity I scored 85 points, average being about 64 points. So damn creative right?

MJ giving me the sceptical look?

BTW, I am looking for a dreamy early white christmas. Apparently, many of my "old" classmates from High School Muar are taking their families and heading for Beijing in the hope of finding snow. Wrong direction, you guys. You want snow, come follow me.

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