Monday, 24 May 2010

Welcome, USM Smokers

Dear USM smokers,

I am sure that all of us know how bad is smoking. Cancer, tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine...Now, smokers, let tell us what is(are) the benefit(s)?

Because it is cool (Chinese said it as 'yeng')?
Because of stress?
Because wanted to slim down?
Because my friend is smoking?
Because of curiosity, and now addicted?

I met up a smoker last week, she tell me that addicted to smoking is just nonsense. "I never smoke in front of my family for a week during school holidays, and i didn't feel like smoking too." Of course, some heavy smoker may have withdrawal symptom. She added, is a person really decided to quit smoking, it hardy fail then.

USM started a Quit Smoking Clinic in year 2002 in Pusat Sejahtera (2nd floor). Due to lack of man power, the clinic (which is just a room) is operating only on Thursday 3-5pm. Smokers walked in voluntarily with different reasons for example, a lecturer wanted to quit smoking because his spouse is pregnant, a gang of contract worker wanted to quit because smoking is expensive, a retired staff wanted to quit because of his health problem......

You can have the weekly lung capacity check (where usually smoker's lung age will be 10 years more older than their actual age) to keep track on the Caobon Monoxide level in your lung. Besides, free nicotine gum, patches and pills are also provided to prevent withdrawal symptoms.
Dr Norlela (in charge person of the clinic) said that they spend nearly RM 1000 on each participant who wanted to quit smoking.

the Quit Smoking Clinic

nicotine gums, patches and pills to help smokers from withdrawal symptom

With all the tools that USM provide for you, so what is your reason not to quit smoking?

You can make a difference.
Kampus Sejahtera


Manji said...

thats a small step but is very beneficial thing happens

omid said...

Another reson might be" PhD in Malaysia gets too long since some scholars are too buisy to read the disserataion of their students ,whether they are examiners or committee of supervisory,and those poor students who already ran out of money should just wait for weeks or months some times years and then in oreder to forget those pain and suffering goes to coffee nail. Prof I think it will be good idea to start a campaign of not delay in our job as a new agenda of Kampu Sejahtera in 2011

Lik Meng said...

Agreed, there is no logical reason for delay in reading dissertations. The should be a code of ethics.

Anonymous said...

What about second hand smoker? Have you heard something like that before? You are not smoking but live in an enviroment heavily filled with smokers, in academic arena, school toilets, inside the lift,etc, and you also inhale a certain quantity of the flame. Its sad no notice that it is even more dangerous to second smokers than the real smother themselves, as they have this feeling that they are not smoking and therefore careless about the condition of their heart, even though they inhale smoke progressively and cummulatively in the course of their interaction or activities at the course of their study. I want to know, out of curiosity, what exactly have the USM management put in place to avoid smoking in public place. Left to me, if there anything like that, surely, its not been effective, as their are always indiscrimnate smoking on the campus all the time. This is a serious issue that is calling for urgent attention, otherwise, its assumed tha the management in a way, deliberate allow it, a priviso, so to speak.