Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Relay For Life 2010

Kampus Sejahtera,

Relay for life, symbol of our heart in supporting our loved one who suffered from cancer. It has been organized annually by National Cancer Society to raise fund for the patient and increase publics' awareness towards cancer.

The 7th Relay for Life, was successfully held on 5th to 6th June at Penang Youth Garden. With 3000 volunteers and supporter, the light of hope is never slake.

No other word to describe it, except awesome! A gathering of cancer survivor, cancer fighter, volunteers, youth and elderly had shown a concrete determination to fight cancer.

Luminal ceremony has been described as the climax of the carnival. The light from the lantern warmed everyone heart here. Light, the symbol of hope, has been a tradition of Relay for Life.

The survivors stepped on the stage, holding microphone with shaking hand, sweating palms to share

their story in fighting cancer. A spark comes in my mind: I’m lucky that

I still healthy, I shouldn’t blame so much, because I have everything. We all should appreciate what we have.

Koay Khang Siean

Green Lung USM's Volunteers

The daughter light up a handmade lantern to his dad


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