Tuesday, 12 June 2007

What's this fascination with fire?

Is this a macho thing? You know, "I can tame nature" kinda thing?

I got really pissed off with the opening burning of yardwaste and even garbage around my house that I looked up the website of the house owner (big property owner here and elsewhere) and shot off an email with pictures complaining about it (see email below).

Did you know that owners are by law (Town and Country Planning Act 1976) liable for any offence committed on his/her property? There have been many cases pursued by the Municipal Council of Penang Island against both operators and owners of the property for illegal change of use. If there is any illegal activity at your property which you may have rented out and you are aware of it, then you better get rid of your tenant. Otherwise you might end up in court with your tenant and pay a hefty fine for it. What about environmental laws, specifically, open burning? Hmmm, gotta check up on that.

Now, let's wait and see how the owner respond to my complaint.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my disappointment with your workers for constantly polluting the environment when they cut the tall lalang and grass at your properties at Taman Teluk Molek, Teluk Air Tawar.
Please see photos for latest episode behind the house I am staying (which also belongs to you). They started burning behind my house (your house) right next to the kitchen. I shouted at your staff (shouted because the of the loud noise from the grass-cutter) to tell them to stop the burning. They were told not to burn. But not five minutes later they moved the burning to the other side ... and your staff is no longer around. Opening burning is not only illegal it is also a contributor to global warming. I hope your church will take this issue seriously and instruct all your workers whether on contract or otherwise to abide by the law. Thank you.

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