Friday, 1 June 2007

Talk is good - conversations continues

I spent the whole of yesterday talking. OK, I didn't talk all the time. Sometimes I listened too. And I had kueh for morning tea (which I usually don't), skipped lunch because my research team members didn't feel the need to go for lunch after eating all the kueh. And then there was more kueh and more talk in the afternoon. So, that wasn't a very healthy diet but hey, I loved the kueh. Let's not do it too often though.

Picture on the left is my office at the Corporate and Sustainable Development Division. We used to have these research discussions at my old office at HBP but we wanted a change of view. See? I even had the blinds open when using the LCD projector. Ah, as I said we had kueh (local delicacies) and Chinese tea. What are we working on? We are trying to show the value of heritage properties in George Town. Its a research project funded by NAPREC (a research agency under the Insitute of Valuation). What have we found out? Ahh, we are not telling yet but we are very excited that we have accomplished most of what we have set out to do.

And then we had more talk, in the afternoon. There's this young lady in the office who seems to enjoy treating the staff to kueh, once in a while. I asked "why?", "what's the occassion?". She said "saja", which loosely translates to "I just feel like it". It reminds of the movie (or was that a saying) about "random acts of kindness". And then we spent sometime chit-chatting, you know casual "unimportant things", getting to know each other a little better. And then we turned to more serious stuff like the weekend retreat planned for 23/24 June 2007 at the Harvard Club. OK, not that one in the US of A. This one is in the northern state of Kedah about one hour plus away. One of the things we want to know was why are we going there? Team-building, some said. Fine! Do we have a problem to solve? Of course we all do. But, hey, we don't have to focus on the negatives, only. We should also promote our strengths. What is it we like about our collegues? Our work culture? The processes and systems in the office? How can we build on our strengths and work to eliminate our weaknesses?

But, my family members say I "talk" too much on my blog. So, bye ... for now. Going to my book launch. Will bring you pictures.

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