Friday, 1 June 2007

How not to teach

It was quite embarrassing. The MC (PRO Mohamad) teased me as I went up the stage the "sixth time". No, lah, I did not publish so many books. I was actually representing a colleague twice (Izham) and I went up two more times for the 4 monographs (co-authored with several colleagues) and my "constructivist" book. I think Mat was just trying to liven up the stage. If you want to get a copy, you should be able to get it at the MPH Bookstore or USM Press. Very cheap only, RM58 per copy - how about supporting a poor professor? If you want a teaser, read the free copy when it was only a report.

(Left photo) That's me receiving a copy of my own book (The Construction of a Constructivist : Learning How to Teach without Teaching) from the Honorable Governor of Penang, Tun Abbas Abdul Rahman (in light blue batik). He was quite amused by the title and the fact that I went up to shake his hands so many times. Incidentally, Tun Abbas was once a school teacher so I remarked to him that "this is his area" and he said yes.

Do you know where they entertained the VVIPs after the launch? At the KFC right next to the launching area. These guys at the fastfood joint must have been ecstatic to have the Governor for lunch. And what did the rest of the guests, including the authors, get to eat? Kueh.

I did a little shopping after that. Got myself a cute little wireless router for my office (RM199) so that I can work with multiple computers. Then went for lunch at a place selling various types of laksa at the basement of the mall. Nice idea. Friendly staff. Efficient service. Good presentation. I had Lontong Johor. First sight ... nice! Lots of vegetables. My kind of food. Taste? As Randy would say "it was just OK for me man. I wasn't blown away".

And then I went to the supermarket to buy some Washington Red Apples. I had promised some ladies in my office to buy them some apples. I am promoting healthy living, you see?

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