Monday, 6 April 2009

Tipping Point


When is enough, enough? When is it one time too many? Well, today's the day I finally succumbed. The tipping point.

My old faithful refused to start again this morning. This after sending it for more repairs a couple of weeks ago. Remember I got stuck on the Penang Bridge? Well the fuel pump was changed. But it sprang a leak, after about only half a year. What about warranty? No such thing any more, even if you get genuine parts. Of course if you go to Nissan they will give you warranty, but charge you a bomb. And I hate the people there. I vowed never to buy another Nissan. Sorry guys. So, anyway I noticed spots of oil stains on the floor of my car porch. I ignored it at first. And then the engine started getting jerky when slowing down. Got the mechanic to come back. He took it to check and I also asked him to check the jerking. Could be the leaking fuel pump?

When he brought it back he said he patched up the hole with glue. Test it first and see if it leaks again, he said.What? Well, OK, let's try it. And then he said that while driving, he found that the car was still jerky. He checked and suspects the ignition coil is going bananas. He said he removed the cap on the coil and it is working now but if jerking continues will have to replace ignition coil (this is the one which sends out some 22,000 volts to ignite the petrol). So, OK, I am game to try.

Still jerky in the last few days. And then this morning, it went, ehehehehehehe. It won't start. SMS my colleague saying I will be late for meeting. Wanted to cycle to the mechanic nearby to see if he's already open. Both tyres on the bike are flat. So I walked. No luck, too early, its only 7.20 am for heavens sake.

Called my wife, who called the mechanic. He came over. Probably the battery. But better take it back to check in case it's the ignition coil.

So, that's the last straw. The tipping point.

Hhmm, so we are now actively looking at the Getz 1.4, Korean techonology, assembled in Kulim.

Hybrid car? No way. The only model available is the Honda Civic which is really too expensive.

BTW, we thought we would be having twins but somehow the birds decided to take away the second egg. One moment it was there and then it was gone. I think maybe we scare them a little with our peeping.

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$uNmeloN said...

slmat sejahtera prof, sekadar bertanya, anda memiliki kereta model nissan? keluaran bila? ingin berkongsi pengalaman bersama anda dalam penjagaan kereta model ini.. saya memiliki model bluebird tahun 1986.. harap dapat kongsi pengalaman..tq.. amerudin.