Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Toilet Food

We had a discussion in my office to prepare for the Student-Centred Workshop happening this weekend at Pulau Jerejak. So I said, let's go for lunch. Some one said that the noodle shop in Queensbay is offering 1 dollar chicken. Woah, let's go. Along the way, we discovered the offer is available only in the evening. So what to eat, what to eat? Then we saw this shop with toilet bowls all over. I thought they we selling sanitary ware. Say, it's a restaurant. Wanna try? Sure, why not?It has a glamourous label of "concept restaurant". The novelty is you sit on an actual toilet bowl and the food is served in miniature toilet bowls or toilet bowl covers. The tables are made from sinks.
I didn't finish my fried udon, which tasted like it had a ton of sugar added. The consensus was that the food is fit for the toilet. And damn expensive shit too (sorry). Our feedback on the form rated it 3 out of 10. Added comment "Get a new cook".

I remember a restaurant in Butterworth called Imperial Noodles. The name attracted huge crowds. We went once and said "never again". The shop has now gone under. This people don't understand. It's all about the food.

But Min Fey says he has a brilliant idea. His restaurant will be like a lab (you know, those places with test tubes and bunsen burners and pipette were things goes BOOM!). I offered to put in RM100 investment. Who knows? Could become a million when it goes public.


Abe said...

Make sure he doesnt sell 'shit' this time..ill put in 200

CelluloSaT~ said...

Wow, thank you for your supports! now I got 300 to start with... what a good beginning! Don't worry, no shit, but all