Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Best Things in Life ...

I think the happiest people in and around the USM Main Campus during the annual Convocation celebrations are the florists. It has become a must to have at least one bouquet of flowers for those once in a lifetime photo opportunities with proud parents, family and friends. It is not uncommon to see a graduate with three or more bouquet of flowers, courtesy of friends and family.

We don't want to be party poopers by banning the sale of flowers during the convo. So one student came up with the brilliant idea of offering bouquets on loan. We started small with 8 bouquets offering both fresh local flowers and plastic flowers. Even without much publicity, the reception was quite good. A few even donated some money which we hope to channel to charity.

I think we should have one a specially designed banner (which the graduates seems to like to take photos as backdrops) that says something like "I am a Green Graduate" next to the flower stand. Then we don't have to worry about the borrowers taking a long time to return the loaners.

USM Chancellor (second from left) visiting The White Coffin booth
at the Environmental Convo Roadshow and Exhibition, 22nd Mac 2008


YiNwEi said...

I think the 'I am a green graduate' thing is a really good idea. Although some people might take pictures with the banner just because they enjoy taking pictures, it would at least help spread the word when others see the picture. Simply brilliant! We should really do it next year!

abe said...

Well..indeed is a great event...cant wait for the BIG convo. more things should be starting to think about the policies that should be implemented as we hav discussed! so many things to think yet so little time!!! GO GO