Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Student Environmental Activism

My Environmental Heroes
Students involved with Kampus Sejahtera making one last stand before they focus on their final semester exams starting next week

Getting the message across in unconventional ways.
I understand there was some honking of support

Why were the students holding up these posters in public?
Well, we noticed many students (and staff) going outside the campus to the shops in Sg Dua and bringing take-away food packed in polystyrene containers. Either they don't care or did not get the message. So the students brought the message to them ... and tried to get them to care.

We have some 10,000 students ... so its a long education process. These are students on the way out to Sg Dua ... the strategy was to talk them before they go out and when they come back in they will would not be carrying polystyrene containers.

Well, a few of the students probably could not stand the sight the polystyrene packaging being brought in to the campus so went up to have a friendly chat. No, we were not out to embarrass them. Some responded sportingly. Others gave the "who the h*@l do you think you are?" stare.

Yes, we were not out to embarrass anyone (which is why I hid the faces) but as you can see, there seems to be a "what do I care", White Coffin or not. But I think the larger issue may be personal taste and even cultural and ethnic eating preferences and habits.

Thank you, guys. Well done. And good luck in your exams. Looking forward to working with you again next semester.

photos courtesy of Pauline

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