Friday, 21 March 2008

The White Coffin set to fly

USM Vice-Chancellor at a dialogue with student leaders from all public universities
to propagate The White Coffin Campaign

It has been a hectic day. Psst ... am still in my office waiting for another free meal at EQ. Just completed redoing my poster for Barcelona and killing time before I clean my smelly self to be presentable for royalty. Tomorrow is our mini-Convo so we usually have a dinner for the Canselor the night before. Tonight we also recognise our lecturers for their research, publication and teaching. Me? Naw, I am not being "recognised", not tonight anyway.

Oh, back to the hectic day. We had a launching by the Vice-Chancellor of the Earth Hour 2008 and the Environmental Convo and Roadshow this morning. Things dragged a little so I had to walk very fast (which is why I am very smelly) to give a briefing to the Presidents and Secretary-Generals of all the public universities Student Representative Councils. Our students invited them over so that we could share and strategise on how to propagate the sustainable campus agenda in all the other public universities. The student leaders were all very receptive. Now let's see how we can make it happen.

The students created the banners for Earth Hour (see below), with some expert help, and then went out to lobby support of fellow students to take part in Earth Hour 2008, which for USM will take place at 9.00 pm on 29th March 2008 (Saturday). What do you have to do? Just switch off the lights for one hour. Show your commitment to solve global warming.

If you are wondering why we are still making all those plastic banners, we justified it by making the banners informative with tips on what each person can do to overcome global warming. So, that banner will be hung up for a very long time, not just thrown away right after Earth Hour on the 29th of March.

The Earth Hour 2008 banners filled with signatures of students supporting the event

We had a blow out in the afternoon at the Roadshow but diehard fans stayed back to catch the Wanderers (talented USM student musicians), Chee Siang and Andy sing. Boy, was I glad I stayed. Fantastic show guys!

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ira said...

it is nice to know that u guys do this as well on a mass scale for the better. i guess it is a simple action that can inspire people, the students especially to make a serious long-term commitment to reducing energy consumption. so yeah, all the best